The places I’ve lived

The number of places I’ve lived – for any significant amount of time – is three, all in the United States. I’ve lived in two other places for shorter periods (less than a year each) and both of those were internationally, the first time in Europe, the second in Asia. As a child I grew up in a stable home with both parents around and a sibling to play with. We never moved and I never had to change schools until it was time to graduate to the next.

Every summer my parents would take us somewhere that was at least a few hundred miles from home, but usually much farther than that. We would spend three weeks away from home, but of course not away from each other. So it wasn’t until I moved away for college that I experienced what life was like in another place for the first time, stripped of almost everything that was familiar except for a few personal belongings and perhaps a photo or two of home.

It was the first time I experienced the movement through place feelings I described a few days ago in my Man from Earth post [Amazon Streaming, DVD].  When December rolled around and I had finished my first semester finals I headed home only to find that it, or rather I, had changed and the home I had left was now a memory.

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