Life one way is a developing thought based on the idea of living life by always moving forward.  We are born and grow, age and die; our journey through time is one way.  But what of place?  What would life be like if we always moved forward to the next place, never to return to where we have already been?

Is this desirable?  Is this even possible?

Is is at least something worth thinking about.


What This Is

This site is a place for me to record and share my thoughts, and hopefully learn from other people who wish to comment.

What This Is Not

This site is decidedly not anything to do with religion, the metaphysical, or new age.  From my perspective, life is a one shot deal, no do-overs, no afterlife, no heaven or hell.  And while I do not believe in a higher power or force (except for the four fundamental forces of nature), I do believe that each individual is entitled to their own beliefs, free from the unsolicited proselytizing of others.

About the Banner Photograph

The banner image is a cropped portion of a photograph I took in the Valley of Fire, Nevada.  Here is what the full frame looks like:


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