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An interesting site

I’ve come across an interesting site called Matador Network.  The design appealing, the subject matter interesting, and the content well written.  Best of all, it’s put together by a group interested in the exchange of ideas and information about the … Continue reading

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A Nomadic Life?

Would living life one way be considered a nomadic lifestyle?  I was just reading the Wikipedia entry on Nomads and wondered if my thoughts on movement through place are essentially a nomadic approach to living life.  Or, are they different?  … Continue reading

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Movement through Place

A few days ago in my post about the film The Man from Earth [Amazon Streaming, DVD], I wrote about the “can’t go home again” feeling everyone experiences at one time or another, and said this is really the simplest … Continue reading

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The places I’ve lived

The number of places I’ve lived – for any significant amount of time – is three, all in the United States. I’ve lived in two other places for shorter periods (less than a year each) and both of those were … Continue reading

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The Road Not Taken

Lately I’ve been thinking about Robert Frost’s poem The Road Not Taken.  My thoughts about living life one way has a sort of natural connection to the poem.  I’ve spent some time reading other people’s thoughts on what the poem says … Continue reading

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The Man from Earth

The Man from Earth is one of those strange little films that you discover late one evening while searching through scores of made for cable streaming movies used to bulk up content so claims like “thousands of movies on available … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Life One Way?

When I think about what living a life one way might mean, I sometimes look back in my own family history at those brave ancestors who set sail for the new world, never to return to the old one.  How … Continue reading

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A Starting Place…

I am just starting my exploration, my journey, and it feels right that I start as the year is coming to an end and winter approaches.

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