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I’ve been contemplating the future.  The past year has been one of a lot of thought but little action.  It’s been nearly a year since I posted to this blog, so that should give some idea of just how little action I’ve taken.

That has to change, and soon.  In fact, soon isn’t really soon enough.  That change has to start now.

So, I’m going to put down my options – for the first time – in writing.  I can:

  • Move half way around the world, get a job teaching, meet lots of new people, live lots of new experiences, and pursue my passion (photography).
  • Spend the next year or two traveling around my home country and live a life of near subsistence, hiking and camping and working, while pursuing my passion (photography)
  • Stay put where I am

Obviously that third one isn’t a real option for change.  It’s doing what I’m doing now.

Money is definitely a limiting factor.

If I go overseas I should be able to get a job teaching (English) in quite a few countries.  I’ve got the necessary training and credentials to do this, and there’s something really appealing about immersing myself in another culture where I’ll get to constantly meet new people.  And think of the great opportunities there will be to photograph lots of interesting places and people.

If I stay at here in this country traveling around, there are a lot of places I’ve never been and certainly there are experiences I haven’t had yet waiting.  Roads I’ve not taken….  But money?  That’s a problem.  I could eek out a living doing odd jobs here and there, making my way as I go.  I’ve got enough saved to start, but I’d have to find a way to bring in enough income to fully support myself while doing this.  Finding a sustainable source of income while living on-the-road is crucial.  Could I sell photographs?  Could I put my experience to work photographing people and selling them portraits?  It won’t be good to find myself 2 or 3 years hence having spent what savings I have now.

No.  Whatever it is I do, it must entail earning a living – enough that I can actually cover all my expenses (start-up and ongoing) – and hopefully put some away for the future.

I think my next step is to actually look at the start-up costs and monthly expenses for each of these options.


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